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Saigon Spring Rolls
Crispy spring rolls filled with tiger shrimp, taro and vegetables,with our Vietnamese-style chili-lime dipping sauce    7

Tuna Tartare with Taro Chips*
Diced sashimi-grade tuna mixed with avocado, wakame seaweed, scallions and togarashi, served with housemade taro chips    10

Crab Crostini
Thin sushi rice crisps topped with Australian crab salad, English cucumber, avocado and drizzled with tobikko aioli and soy reduction   12

Vietnamese Beef Lettuce Wraps
Tender cubes of marinated beef tenderloin sautéed with red onions, served with Boston Bibb lettuce and pickled daikon   9

Crispy Fried Quail
Tender semi-boneless quail marinated and crusted with spices, served with a Vietnamese jicama-red cabbage slaw and a tamarind-bbq sauce    12

Unagi Terrine
Marinated and broiled eel layered with avocado and sushi rice, served with a soy syrup and wasabi oil    9

Thai-Style Calamari
Succulent and crunchy fresh calamari with a Thai sweet chili dipping sauce    10

Zucchini-Scallion Crepes
Mung bean crepes with diced zucchini, scallions and red onions, with a spicy soy dipping sauce   7

Chinese Garlic Chive Dumplings
Housemade dumplings made with Chinese garlic chives, jicama and shiitake mushrooms, served with a soy-ginger vinaigrette and sriracha sauce    8

Coconut-Curry Soup
Coconut-green curry soup with sweet potatoes, butternut squash and shiitakes     cup 3/bowl 5

Served with a house salad

Miso-Teriyaki Salmon*
Faroe Islands Atlantic salmon with sautéed snow peas, zucchini and Brussels sprouts, glazed with a miso-teriyaki sauce    26

Seared Big Eye Tuna*
Big eye tuna lightly seared, served with a ginger-miso sauce, wasabi oil, julienned jicama salad and crispy sushi rice    29

Japanese-Style Sablefish
Rich sablefish marinated in miso and sake, pan roasted with a soy-tamarind sauce and served over sautéed nappa cabbage, shiitake mushrooms and Korean vermicelli noodles    29

Seared Scallops*
Pan-seared jumbo scallops with sautéed Swiss chard, snow peas, oyster mushrooms and crispy egg noodles in a Chinese ginger-garlic sauce    29

Grilled Prawns
Grilled jumbo freshwater prawns with English peas, asparagus, bok choy, kohlrabi, coconut-scented jasmine rice and a thai lemongrass sauce    28

Thai Peanut Noodles
Rice noodles wok-tossed with a thai peanut sauce, julienned vegetables and crispy caramel tofu, topped with curried chickpeas and cilantro   20

Grilled Lemongrass Chicken
Lemongrass-marinated Miller Ranch all-natural breast of chicken with grilled vegetables, served with a chili-lime dressing and scallion oil    21

Five-Spice Duck*
Pan-seared duck breast and duck confit risotto with a Chinese 5-spice reduction sauce and shanghai bok choy    28

Pan-Roasted Berkshire Pork Loin
Black Oak Farms Berkshire pork loin chop crusted with panko and togarashi, with grilled vegetables, lentils and a shallot soy-mustard sauce    26

Korean-Marinated Ribeye*
Thin slices of grilled Certified Angus ribeye, with sesame crispy rice, sautéed julienned vegetables, quail egg and Korean chili sauce    28

Wasabi-Peppercorn Tenderloin*
Creekstone Farms all-natural tenderloin with a wasabi-peppercorn sauce, bok choy, asparagus and a Yukon gold potato-parsnip puree    32

* These dishes contain raw or partially raw items and/or are prepared according to guest’s order. Consuming raw or undercooked meats or seafood may increase your risk of foodborne illness.


Warm Chocolate Cake
Bittersweet chocolate cake with our toasted coconut-Kahlúa ice cream and sake-macerated cherries    8
(please order 20 minutes in advance)

Chocolate-Passionfruit Mousse
Rich milk chocolate mousse with a passionfruit sabayon and fresh fruit      8

Crème Brûlée Tasting
Three miniature variations of crème brûlée    8

Warm Apple Crepe
Sauteed apples wrapped in a thin crepe, topped with pistachio-mascarpone cream and spiced caramel sauce    8

Housemade Ice Creams & Sorbets
Ice Cream: Toasted coconut-Kahlua, Vanilla bean, Chocolate-espresso, Banana-pecan
Sorbet: Blood Orange, Mango-Thai basil, Pineapple-lemongrass, Cucumber-mint, Orange-yuzu.     3.50 / 5.50 trio


Kana Ginger Tea
Simmered all day, naturally no sugar or caffeine
Also comes iced (refills)    2.50

Organic Locally-Sourced Loose-Leaf Tea
Nam Lanh Estate Black, Earl Grey Black, Bancha Green, Wu Yi Oolong, Pomegranate White, Crimson Berry Tisane    3.50 / personal pot

Thai Iced Tea
Loose-leaf black tea, sweetened and cooled    3

Nilgiri Black Iced Tea
Fresh brewed loose leaf organic Nilgiri Indian black tea     2.50

Ginger Lime Soda
A refreshing blend of our ginger extract with a zesty squeeze of lime     3

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Root Beer, Ginger Ale      2.50

Organic, Locally-Roasted Coffee Drinks
Regular or Decaffeinated coffee     3
Espresso    3 single/4 double
Cappuccino    4 single/5 double

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